Blogging;My Introduction

So after years of hearing the term ‘blogging’ here I am writing my first blog. With social media/networking I always find myself turning my nose up at the apps, sites etc that are the “in thing”, but then once I check them out I become painfully addicted. I’m hoping WordPress has the same affect on me as I have been advised that In order to get what I want then blogging could really help. I really should have googled the world ‘blogging’ before writing this to at least have some inclin on how this works……

So, a bit about me and what I want…..

I’m a traveller and a writer. Over the last few years I have travelled much of the world, mostly alone. During that time I have logged my thoughts and philosophies mostly in the form of poetry. All of my work is based on my own personal encounters throughout my life both growing up at home and travelling the world. 

Late last year I met a girl and fell in love. Since meeting her my writing has grown from an almost secret diary-like hobby to an art that I want to share with the world and hopefully one day get my words published. 

In a nutshell my art is heavily inspired by love, music and travel and offers my own  witty, unique, love filled,  philosophical outlook on life both inside and outside of the mind. 

I’ll be posting my poetry and thoughts daily and look forward to any feedback or criticism from the blogging world 
Benjamin Chavez